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It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here are just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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Jesse Orozco Capital Realty clients

"I want to thank Vincent Foisy and the people at Capital Realty Investments for the purchase of my oldproperty.Vincent's company offered us a fair price and took care of all the paperwork at the closing. Iwant torecommend hiscompany to anyone thinking of selling their property. No more worries about ourempty house getting burned down, people vandalizing or liability of anyone getting hurt there while I wasaway not to mention further needed costly repairs. Great job!I hopeyou can help others like you helpedme."

John Gandy Capital Realty clients

"I contacted Vincent and his staff about selling family Property,Vincent and his staff were very personaland professional with all that needed to be done. I would recommend them. Thank you Vincent."

Isabel Martinez Capital Realty clients

"Even though we had issues with the title company, Vincent was great.He did everything hecould to make things gosmoothly.I would recommendyourcompany to anyone that needs to selltheir property.Thank you for everythingthat you did for me and my sister's."

Mary & John Capital Realty clients
"Pretty straightforward, they give you a cash offer and if you like it - you choose the closing date. We actually ended up listing with an agent that they recommended and sold on the regular market - but the cash offer was very helpful in negotiating with agent - definitely recommend."
Bethany Capital Realty clients
"Thanks Capital Realty Investments! Had a vacant property and kept bugging hubby to fix up and rent out but just kept arguing about it. These guys bought it for cash and even got rid of the junk inside. Problem gone! Thank you guys again!"
Mark Capital Realty clients
"My wife and I wanted to downsize so wanted to see if we can avoid doing open houses at our house - Googled how to sell without an agent and gave these guys a try. Probably would have gotten a couple grand more on the open market - but not worth the stress. Give these guys a try - very straightforward people"
Rhonda Harper Capital Realty clients

"Recently we lost our mother and I was named Executrix of her possessions. One of her holdings was herhome of 50 years. Not being in real estate I was uncertain on what to dowith the property. All of asudden I was contacted by Mr. Vincent Foisy–what a heaven-sent gift!Mr. Foisy explained all the “ins and outs” of selling a home, the pros and cons of engaging realtors,property values in the area... and I must tell you his professional expertise, knowledge, but most of all,caring attitude made me very at ease at this very trying time in my life. He took care of all extraneousmatters so all I had to do was sign the closing documents.I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Foisy to any of my relatives or friends. I trusted him from wench Imet him and his demeanor and professionalism was first rate!"

Pedro Peterson Capital Realty clients

"When I decided to sell my second house I contacted Vincent from Capital realty. We scheduled a time to meet at my house and he was there on time which is always a good start. We agreed on a sale price and Vincent explained the whole process to me. I was very pleased to see that it all went exactly as he had said. The total time from contract to closing was very short and would have been shorter had I not asked for a few days to clear out some of my items. the house sold AS IS so no hassle with painting or anything else. A great experience all the way. thanks Vincent."

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